Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun on the Web June 4, 2011 Blues Radio

Wow this site is amazing with Blues Stations listed by state


There was a typo on a test I was taking. Instead of "(D) none
of the above," it said "(D) one of the above." So I circled


"A new survey found that 55 percent of men expect to pay on
the first date. While the other 45 percent have never been
on a second date." -Jimmy Fallon


What That Tattoo Really Says ~~ Darren Addy

If truth-in-advertising laws governed your tattoos, here's what the ink would actually say:

Still in my rebellious rite-of-passage phase.

I anticipate always feeling as whimsical as I was when I chose this.

Thinking-ahead deficient.

Personal names on my body are not necessarily indicative of my relationship with that person when you read this.

I regretted this one almost immediately.

It may be wrong to assume that I know what this symbol represents.

Actively taking a role in reducing the number of potential places that might employ me.


When I asked my friend if she was planning to attend church,
she just shook her head. "I haven't gone in a long time,"
she said. "Besides, it's too late for me. I've probably
already broken all seven commandments."


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