Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun on the Web June 30, 2011 Eat Local

Here is a nifty tool for finding local produce in season and farmer's market. I love the Farmers Market! Ours is during the week mid afternoon to evening with freshly cooked food as an option too. We get spring rolls and crab rangoon, as well as, the usual grilled burgers and brats for options. Lately they have had iced lattee and pizza trucks too!

So while you are at our Farmers Market check out the jewelry across the street and down the block at the Rose Gallery.

If you live far away, our town is amazing and offers Fun in the Sun at this time of year. Lake Mills is built near an ancient pyramid in Rock Lake so many consider it to have good vibes. I think it has Victorian charm, cute shops, a nice beach, AND good vibes. The 47 mile Glacial Drumlin Trail offers recreation for hikers and bikers alike on the south end of town.

Come on down and visit. Just drive 1 mile south from the exit on Hwy 94 and you will be in the heart of our town. This website shows coming events:


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