Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun on the Web Aug 5, 2011 Milwaukee Art Museum

My grand daughter is into art. Just moving here from another state she had never been to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The 1st Thursday of the month Target sponsors a FREE day. Since going is a pricey proposition with tickets at $14 ($12 for senior over 65 and students 12 and up), I had planned an event on one of the free days.

After the fact, It was fabulous! We spent about 6 hours just walking around and talking about art.

We saw most everything except they are constantly changing the exhibits. We had walked through one and when we reached the end turned to go back the way we came and the room was blocked off. Later when we went by, I peeked in between the partitions and every one of the paintings were down in preparation to change the exhibit. They have so much in storage at all times that it is easy or perhaps it is hard because there is so much to choose from in storage.


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