Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun on the Web Aug 21, 2011 Chalk Fest at Bayshore

It was a crazy week with very little access to the internet due to travel, outages of the internet where I was, work, and some fun stuff too. First for the fun stuff: all of you in the Milwaukee area head on over to Bayshore Mall. Near guest services (and Bar Louie) they have the road blocked off where we participated in Chalk Fest

I say we, but my grand daughter really was the artist. I just drove and tried to keep her from getting too sunburned by holding a golf umbrella over her. Well I also solicited votes from friends and passers by (much to her chagrin) but what the heck. Waiting to see if she won one of the cash prizes for drawing with special water soluble chalk on the asphalt.

There were lots of people looking and one of my Meetup groups was there for lunch and to look so she should have their votes, I think. There were also some real photographers which I talked into sending me pics via email so I hope to post a picture and of course if her picture goes to the website I will post a link.

It was fun but of course I am sunburned. It's not too bad since we used SPF 50 Waterproof which we reapplied during the day. I made sure to get my grand daughter covered. Eventually I even got her part but I think it was too late already. The day started out with pouring rain so who knew what a blazing sky it would be out there. We just slathered on the sunscreen and did the best we could for shade.

She is number 45 and drew some Pokemon characters. The kids seemed to like them. It should last a little while but once they open the road there who knows how long it will last?


Hope you enjoyed my fun on the web today!

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