Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun on the Web Aug 2, 2011 Summer Skin Care

Being really fair, I have watched out in the summer for a long time. Everyone around me knows I am very prone to sunburn. I have grown to loathe the feel of sunscreen, but now there are moisturizers that are less disgusting (some even have a little color in them.) They are a major improvement!

The best advice is to stay out of the noon day sun. In other words, minimize the time you are outside between 10am and 3pm, wear a hat, sit or walk in the shade, turn your back to the sun, and look for any opportunity no matter how short during those hours to avoid sun but still try to have a normal life.That means I eat lunch inside, take walks early or late in the day, avoid the pool or lake till after 3pm, and generally enjoy my air conditioning or shady yard mid day.

Here are more tips on Summer Sun Care


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