Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun on the Web Dec 1, 2011 Study of the Stars

Well November was tough for me to blog. Let's see if December is better. Still working two part time jobs so it's a time juggling thing.

Today let's talk about the stars. No I don't mean Astrology but Astronomy. I was always fascinated by the stars and now that I am out in the country boy do I have stars.

Daniel M. Soref is the Director of the Planetarium & Imax at the Milwaukee Public Museum. He puts out a star map every month showing the position of the stars with The Starry Messenger: a short (3 page) newsletter with tips on the moon and planets in our system, as well as, other Cosmic Curiosities.

To sign up send an e-mail to and place ‘subscribe’ in the subject line. You will also receive their E-Newsletter.


Hope you enjoyed my fun on the web today!

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