Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun on the Web Nov 1, '10 GeoTags and Staying Safe

As reported on TMJ4 this am, many SmartPhones are equipped with GeoTag functions which may or may not be activated in your phone.

Many people aren't aware of this function, and don't know that if the GeoTag is "ON" -- taking photos with a SmartPhone and posting them online will also attach the exact GPS location of the photo taken.

The website was started by a guy who realized that as he was posting photos of his child online, he was ALSO posting his home location.

So -- anyway --- just something to be aware of. If you have a SmartPhone and don't know whether your GeoTag is on or off --- it's something you might want to find out more about (and you might want to mention it to your friends/relatives).

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