Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun on the Web Oct 19, 2011 Tax Avoidance

What's the point of having my own soapbox if I don't step up now and again with my opinions? So after last nights ridiculous display if the GOP candidates, here is why the progressives MUST prevail: Taxes and our economic system are so screwed up with the middle class being squeezed by the non payers and cheeters. P & G is getting by without paying billions as illustrated here:

That is not to suggest they are the only culprits as there are many companies and individuals who are guilty which is why we need more regulations on money leaving the country for foreign banks, trade tarrifs on products entering our country, an end to the greed, repayments from the banks in the form of correcting those sorry loans they will be continuing to foreclose on and loans to small business (which have been virtually non-existent recently), plus a return to sanity in terms of honest profits instead of the obscenity we have seen lately.

The shift to "the richest" of a larger percent of the wealth cannot continue. The "Occupy" movement is a result of just those issues. Never have we had so many qualified individual unemployed for such long periods since the "Great Depression". With each passing year we see greater numbers of college grads (with huge student loans) that have no job to pay those loans back. Time for the GOP to "create" those jobs they campaigned on in the 2010 elections. Time for companies to stop sitting on the fence and start hiring or it's all going down the drain.

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