Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun on the Web Oct 15 '10 Best Websites

Most of us have our favorites but I will admit I drank the Koolaid when it comes to Google. From Gmail with its unique non-folder flag system, to Chrome with tabbed browsing more stable than IE (both of which I use extensively) to the Google Book Project and Picasa (both of which I have only played with a bit), they do seem to offer free programs that are among the top performers in each arena. If you haven't tried any of these, go for it:

Another favorite when you need answers is Refdesk. No matter if you need driving directions, a dictionary, quick access to News Sources, Cheap Gas Prices, Youtube or other Daily Diversions, RefDesk puts the info out there on the web at your fingertips in a concise way.

Gizmo's list of Best Tech Websites - they are awesome at finding the best freeware, tips, tweaks, guides, tutorials, and Technical Support Sites.

They even have a huge list of free audio books online (which is a habit I acquired while unemployed. Unless I am writing, while I am on the internet I have an audio book playing or music in the background.)

For news I look at aggregate sites that gather news from many sources like
However, all the above have their own political agenda, 2 right wing and 2 liberal, below are more non partisan attempts at news particularly during the current mudslinging season.

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