Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun on the Web June 19, 2010 - Progress Report

Class two is done and on to the next one. Currently learning the 2007 version of Word and Excel (both have substantial changes from the 2003 version). Monday we are adding IT Service Concepts which will cover customer service, industry trends, teamwork, IT professional work habits, how to solve and prevent problems, and the importance of documentation.

I have qualified for the IT Network Security Program and am waiting to see if the appropriate classes will be available to me. This is now just a waiting game but I'm busy and will have 10 credits at the end of summer. Many of these apply to the degree so its one step in front of the other.

Next its off to visit with a friend with a birthday to celebrate. We are going to the Summer Solstice Music Festival and then to hear music with a few rummage stops on the way. Print the flyer for a reduced entry fee to the Urban Garage Sale:

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